Baalite 3D Printing

Akil the Deathless

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$10.00 - $35.00

3D printed resin miniature of a Akil the Deathless
The dreadful Akil is a rare and powerful breed of sphinx that specializes in necromancy and secrets.
75mm Base

Miniatures include all the parts needed, printed in grey resin and supports removed.
As with all 3D printed parts they will have some minor imperfections that need to be sanded/corrected prior to painting.

We contract with Painting Fantasms to offer physical versions of their artwork and they receive a portion of all sales.

*All items are made to order.
*Some images are CG renders, listings will be updated with pictures as available. Please request sample pictures of finished work.
*Some models with come as a single piece, some are in multiple parts.